PDF Document Cleanup – Remove Annotations, Attachments, Bookmarks and JavaScript

Tools in the PDF Document Cleanup group deal with safely removing certain elements from PDF files without damaging the core fidelity of the PDF.

Flatten Layers

Flattens all of the visible layers within a PDF. Layers which are hidden at the time of execution remain hidden.

Remove Annotations

Removes all annotations from the PDF. The ability to specify exactly which annotations should be removed from a PDF are supported.

Remove All Annotations - PDF Document Cleanup

Remove all Attachments

Removes all embedded file attachments from a PDF. These are the attachments that are shown in the Attachments panel in a conforming PDF reader.

Remove all Bookmarks

Removes all bookmarks from a PDF. This include parent and child bookmarks.

Remove all JavaScript

Removes all JavaScript from a PDF. This includes document, page and action level JavaScript.