ActiveX PDF SDKs

Our ActiveX range of products is ideal for developers who want to implement PDF functionality without requiring a deep PDF expertise or reinventing the wheel. They are easy-to-use and customizable visual programming components that allow developers to simply drag and drop the components into an application to instantly add functions to any Windows-based application.

The whole range of ActiveX products are compatible with many programming languages, including C/C++, Visual Basic, NET, and Delphi. Our PDF Viewer ActiveX Standard and PDF Viewer ActiveX Professional products also supports a wide range of Western and Eastern PDF fonts and provide a localizable user interface for your PDF application.

Feature Comparison Chart

Basic Standard Professional
Independent from Quick PDF Library
Royalty free
Compatible with C++, Visual Basic, Delphi
Rendering speed Standard speed High speed High speed
Viewing features
Seach text features
Extract text features
Asynchronous loading
Localizable user interface
Advanced UI Customization
Annotations support
Forms support
Watermarks support
PDF to text conversion
Hyperlink operations
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License Definition

All ActiveX products are licensed as follows:

  • Per developer. Licenses are sold on a ‘per developer’ basis.
  • No limits on number of applications. We sell licenses based on the number of your developers who will be using the product, not the number of applications your company intends to build.
  • No reselling. You are not allowed to resell our ActiveX products or your license key.
  • Compiled applications only. You are not permitted to create your own PDF software libraries using our ActiveX products.