Our PDF Library is a powerful PDF SDK offering a comprehensive range of PDF functionality.

PDF Creation
Create PDFs programatically from scratch
Generate PDF reports from databases
Create PDF documents on a Web server in real time
PDF Conversion
Convert TIFF images to PDF
Convert JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG to PDF
Convert WMF and EMF to PDF
Convert PDFs to text files
PDF Viewing / PDF Rendering
PDF to image rasterization (BMP, TIFF, JPG, WMF, EMF, EPS, PNG and GIF)
View PDFs in your applications
PDF Printing
Control Printing of PDFs programatically
Printing options (Page Scaling, Auto Rotate Center, Title, PageRange and Copies)
Create custom printers (page size, copies, quality, color, duplex, collate, etc)
Utility functions dealing with printer setup
PDF Security
Digitally sign PDFs (digital signatures)
Encrypt and decrypt PDFs
Encrypt PDFs with a fingerprint
Encryption level: 40-bit RC4, 128-bit RC4 and 128-bit AES
Control document permissions (allowing printing, copying, modification, etc)
Set or remove open passwords
Locked signature field annotation to prevent them from being deleted
Various options for digital signatures, i.e. layered signature appearances
PDF Forms (interactive forms)
Create, modify and fill PDF forms
Read values from PDF form fields
Form field support for text, pushbutton, checkbox, radiobutton, choice, and signature
XFA support (fill and read values from XFA forms)
Advanced control of form field appearance
Flatten form fields in PDFs
Extensive support for JavaScript in form fields
Custom dictionary for specific form fields
Control the way text form field values are set
Set appearance of signature field
PDF JavaScript
Add/Edit/Remove document level JavaScript
Add/Edit/Remove global level JavaScript
JavaScript support for form fields
JavaScript support for document events
PDF actions support for JavaScript (links, bookmarks, etc)
PDF Layers / PDF Optional Content Groups (OCGs)
Create new layers (OCG)
Edit, move, combine and delete existing layers (OCG)
Combine, encapsulate and change content streams
PDF Extraction / Page Extraction / Text Extraction
Extract single pages or page ranges from a document
Extract text from a document (without formatting)
Extract text from a document (font, color, size and position of each piece of text)
Extract all images from a document
PDF Color
RGB/CMYK/Gray color modes
Support for separation colors
Standard fonts
CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) fonts
Subsetted fonts
Control fonts in form fields
TrueType fonts
Type1 fonts
Powerful utility functions required for working with fonts
Return 8-bit character code for a selected font
Vector graphics in PDF
Lines, arcs, bezier curves, ellipses, rectangles, circles, rounded rectangles
Full control over color, shading, blend modes and transparency
Full support for graphics state (load state and save state)
Clipping regions
Support for adding barcodes to documents
PDF Compression
Compress fonts
Compress images
Compress content
PDF Document Manipulation
Extract ranges of pages from a document
Merge documents together in memory or on disk
Merge a list of documents together
Combine and append PDFs
Split PDFs into multiple documents
Linearization / Fast Web View
PDF Page Manipulation
Create new blank pages
Insert pages, append pages, move pages, reorder pages, clone pages and rotate pages
Crop pages, split pages, delete pages, hide pages and extract pages
Set page thumbnail
Set Base URL
Split the text and graphics on the current page into two layers
Adjust page dimensions
Imposition support (merge several source pages into a master page)
Update mode for subsequent document changes
PDF Document Properties
Document properties (filename, title, author, subject, keywords, pdf producer, pdf version, etc)
Initial view preferences (page layout, page mode, magnification)
Count pages in a document
Embed files in PDFs
Add files attachments to PDFs
Measurement and coordinate units
Set measurement units to be used in document
Get/set origin
Retrieve coordinates from text and images
GeoPDF support
PDF Bookmarks (outlines)
Create and modify bookmarks
Edit style of bookmarks
Set bookmark destination and action (JavaScript, OpenFile,etc)
Utility functions for working with bookmarks
Add barcodes (Data Matrix, QR code, Intelligent Mail barcode, PDF417, Code 39, EAN-13, Code128, PostNet, Interleaved 2 of 5)
Calculate the height of a PDF417 symbol using GetPDF417SymbolHeight
Calculate the width of a PDF417 symbol using GetPDF417SymbolWidth
Annotations and hotspot links (hyperlinks)
Add links to embedded files and external files
Add links to JavaScript, pages and websites
Get destination and named destinations
Add note annotations
Get/set contents of annotations
Utility functions for working with links and annotations
Add images from a file or memory
Compress images
Draw images onto documents
Find images in documents
Retrieve image height and width
Retrieve image type
Count images, replace images and reverse images
Extract images to disk or memory
Utility functions for working with images
Text and HTML Text
Draw text on documents
Draw text boxes
Draw multi-line and wrapped text boxes
Control text size, font, color and position
Utility functions for working with text
Page layout
Precisely control the layout and style of new pages
Draw tables, shapes, text and images onto pages
Get page dimensions, page size and page content (text, images, objects)
Utility functions for working with the page layout
Set raw PDF object stream data for a specific object number
Direct Access
Direct access functionality can be used with large PDFs. Operations are carried out on the file on the disk, instead of loading the file into memory.
Full Unicode support
Create list of files to be merged
Retrieve last error message
Save-to-stream and Load-from-stream support for webserving
Get document’s NeedAppearances flag
Bitcode version added (for iOS only)