PDF Content Extraction SDK

If you’re looking to extract content from a PDF, including text, XY coordinates and font information, as well as embedded images, you have come to the right place. Quick PDF Library has made PDF text and content extraction into a fine art. As an added bonus you also have the option of extracting text and retaining the layout of the text in the text file.

Feature Overview

  • Extract single pages or page ranges from a document
  • Extract text from a document (with or without formatting)
  • Extract text from a document (font, color, size and position of each piece of text)
  • Extract all images from a document
  • Extract embedded TrueType fonts

Function Groups Capabilities

Comprising 39 functions within the group, Quick PDF Library is an extraction tool that can be used in most scenarios. Not only can you get text attributes such as colour, size and font but you can also set various parameters. The complete text extraction function group can be found at the Debenu website. The documentation includes code samples in a variety of programming languages for each function to help you get started.

Examples of PDF Text Extraction being used

More examples of practical applications can be found in our Knowledge Base.