PDF Form Fields SDK

PDF forms provide a great way to capture data. For an end user, a PDF form is basically just like a paper form without the paper. For a forms provider, it’s way better, because it’s so much easier to create, populate and query form fields (the boxes where users enter their details) when the forms and their data are already in electronic format. Thanks to the US Internal Revenue Service, many people are familiar with PDF forms, and the need to capture data using electronic forms is stronger than ever.

Quick PDF Library allows developers to build PDF Forms functionality into their own applications without re-inventing the wheel. The library features rich support for both the original PDF forms technology (AcroForms) and the newer XFA forms.

Feature Overview

  • Create, modify and fill PDF forms
  • Read values from PDF form fields
  • Form field support for text, pushbutton, checkbox, radiobutton, choice, and signature
  • XFA support (fill and read values from XFA forms)
  • Advanced control of form field appearance
  • Flatten form fields in PDFs
  • Extensive support for JavaScript in form fields

Function Groups Capabilities

Comprising 136 functions within the group, Quick PDF Library is a developer’s dream SDK for adding PDF forms functionality into an application. Placing form fields and manipulating form data are simple with Quick PDF Library. You can try out the whole range of PDF Forms functionality during your free evaluation. The documentation includes code samples for each feature in various programming languages to help you get started.

Examples of Quick PDF Library being used for Forms

More examples of practical applications can be found in our Knowledge Base.