PDF Properties and Metadata SDK

In terms of archiving, sorting and retrieving PDF files, few things are more helpful than metadata. This includes key information about the file, such as title, author, subject, keywords or even custom types of metadata. While effective use of metadata can make document management easier, the ability to configure the initial view settings provides control over document consumption. These settings can be used to fully customize the opening page, layout and magnification, and can be used to hide elements of the user interface to adjust the default viewing experience. Quick PDF Library provides developers with a powerful toolset for controlling document properties, including metadata and initial view settings, and allows them to build this functionality into their own applications.

Feature Overview

  • Change initial view settings
  • Manipulate metadata (e.g., title, author, subject, keywords)
  • Work with custom metadata
  • Set or retrieve metadata via direct access
  • Compatible with both classic and XML-based metadata (XMP)

Function Group Capabilities

With 26 separate functions within the function group, Quick PDF Library offers phenomenal Document Properties and metadata functionality. Browse the complete range of Document Properties functionality that Quick PDF Library can build into your application. The documentation includes multiple code samples in various programming languages to help you get started.

Examples of Quick PDF Library being used to manipulate Document Properties

More examples of practical applications working with Document Properties can be found in our Knowledge Base as they are added.