PDF Rendering SDK

It might not be obvious to the casual user, but a PDF file is actually a container for content, and is not itself a display format. That means that the first step in displaying a PDF document is to render it as an image. One way to do this is to rasterize the PDF content. This involves creating a detailed set of instructions describing what goes in each pixel of the image. It’s then possible to either discard the rendered images, keep them, or send them to be printed. (For more information about PDF printing, check out the PDF Printing SDK page for Quick PDF Library.)

Quick PDF Library lets developers build the ability to render PDF content into a wide range of image formats, and is just the thing if you want to build your own PDF viewer or allow users to save image versions of their PDF documents.

Feature Overview

  • PDF to image rasterization
  • PDF to BMP
  • PDF to TIFF
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to WMF
  • PDF to EMF
  • PDF to EPS
  • PNG and GIF
  • View PDFs in your applications

Function Groups Capabilities

Comprising 25 functions within the group, Quick PDF Library offers phenomenal rendering functionality, covering RenderDocumentToFile, RenderPageToFile and more. Browse the complete range of PDF rendering functionality that Quick PDF Library can build into your application. The documentation includes multiple code samples in various programming languages to help you get started.

Examples of Quick PDF Library being used for Rendering

More examples of practical applications can be found in our Knowledge Base.