PDF Splitting SDK

There are all sorts of reasons to split a PDFs into smaller files. Indexing and retrieval would be greatly simplified if a large PDF of a thousand individual reports could be split into a thousand smaller files. Alternatively, it would make sense to split a very large PDF file into smaller sections for posting online. This process could be used to manage the size of individual downloads such that, for example, the end user only needed to download each PDF page as they sought to view it. Quick PDF Library lets developers build a range of PDF splitting functionality into their own applications, to process PDFs individually or in batches.

Feature Overview

  • Split PDF files into individual pages
  • Split PDF files by pages
  • Split PDF files by page ranges
  • Produce smaller output files using a cross reference stream rather than a table

Function Group Capabilities

With four separate functions within the function group, Quick PDF Library offers phenomenal splitting functionality, covering ExtractFilePages, ExtractFilePagesEx and ExtractPageRanges. Browse the complete range of PDF page manipulation functionality that Quick PDF Library can build into your application. The documentation includes multiple code samples in various programming languages to help you get started.

Examples of Quick PDF Library being used for splitting

Examples of practical applications can be in our Knowledge Base as they are added.