ARTS PDF Bookmarker

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Please note: This has been merged and integrated with Debenu PDF Aerialist. It is no longer available as a stand-alone product.

ARTS PDF Bookmarker is an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that lets you add, edit, build, replace and delete bookmarks across one or more PDF files. ARTS PDF Bookmarker 1.2 now includes support for Unicode, the ability to sort bookmarks alphabetically and can include or exclude build bookmarks with keyword list.


  • Add Bookmarks – create and insert a set of user-defined bookmarks.
  • Build Bookmarks – automatically generate a set of bookmarks by specifying the attributes to look for.
  • Find/Replace – perform a search and replace on PDF files based on its text content. Replace it with revised text and/or bookmark properties.
  • Delete Bookmarks – remove all bookmarks with the click of a button.
  • Batch Processing – use the Add, Build, Find and Delete Bookmark commands to process batches of PDF files.
  • Import/Export settings – reuse your settings and incorporate them into your batch processes.
  • Implementation of a change to have the open file browser to store files as relative addresses to assist when using PDFs published and distributed on CD/DVDs.
  • Supports relative address paths in open file links
  • “Copy” button to extract/copy existing bookmarks.
  • Option to expand or collapse added/built bookmarks.
  • Insertion options: before, after or overwrite existing bookmarks.
  • Text masking (similar to what is found in the build function) for the find/replace feature.