ARTS PDF ImageWorks

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Please note: This has been merged and integrated with Debenu PDF Aerialist. It is no longer available as a stand-alone product.

ARTS PDF ImageWorks provides control of color space, sampling, resolution, size, location, orientation and appearance of images for all types of PDF usage, whether for print, the web, or CD-ROM. It is easy-to-use, and supports Acrobat color spaces, resolutions, and compression methods. A number of functions July automatically be applied across multiple images or the entire document.

Hot folder automation – Build lists of actions to be applied to PDFs then drag and drop PDFs for processing. Great for repurposing documents. ICC profiles for color conversion. Use Photoshop filters for special effects. Support for more file formats using Photoshop format plug-ins.

The Image Editor allows the user to manipulate data in an image. This includes cut, copy, paste, erase, crop, and the ability to pick up and apply color. PDF ImageWorks also allows you to create/repair OPI links, and control both the image in the PDF or on the OPI server, providing you flexibility in OPI, web and print document implementation.

ARTS PDF ImageWorks Tools include cut, copy, paste, new, resize, rotate, extract and replace. Other features affect the appearance of the image, such as color space conversion, downsample/subsample, send to back/bring to front, mirror, brightness/contrast, color adjust, and despeckle.
Color conversion, sampling, and despeckle functions can all be applied to multiple images using PDF ImageWorks’ Document Tools.