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Please note: This has been merged and integrated with Debenu PDF Aerialist. It is no longer available as a stand-alone product.

ARTS PDF Linker is the industry standard Adobe Acrobat plug-in for editing, checking and reporting on links in large PDF collections. The editing tools expand Acrobat’s built-in link tool, enabling you to update multiple links and their properties in batch. The link checking and reporting tools help you to examine links and bookmarks, including all external dependencies and destinations.

ARTS PDF Linker automates the painstaking task of auditing links for validity. All links and bookmarks between documents, to named destinations and to Web pages are examined. ARTS PDF Linker generates several types of CSV and PDF reports, including ones that examine all links and bookmarks, all external dependencies and all bad actions.

The editing tools enable you to copy and apply links across document collections and to delete dead ones. They also enable you to correct the properties and magnification of links, reset URLs, filenames and base URLs, and more.

  • Batch process – edit and audit large PDF document collections.
  • Copy links – copy and paste links across document collections.
  • Audit links and bookmarks – check and report on links across pages, between documents and to web pages.
  • Delete dead links – delete all or just dead links in a document collection.
  • Combine tasks into one process – combine editing, checking and reporting tasks into one process using Acrobat’s batch processing feature.