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Please note: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

ARTS PDF Search enables developers to design customized solutions for Web browser-based searching of large PDF document collections. Quickly rollout full-text searching solutions and maintain your indexes all via the COM interface. All associated Web pages can be fully customized to the style of your site.

The completely server-side (and standalone) ARTS PDF Search 1.5 comes with a number of new features that improve the rollout of your search application, enhance the search functionality and automate index administration.

The ARTS PDF Search COM component is a developer tool for automating the process of creating, rebuilding and querying indexes. It sits at the backend of the application and handles the indexing and querying, meaning you largely only need to design the Web pages for use in the PDF document searching. The index and query libraries wrapped by the COM object are completely standalone, allowing for deployment of automated server side search and index management applications. No client side software is required.

ARTS PDF Search Index Manager (IM) is a stand-alone indexing tool for creating and rebuilding indexes of PDF files. Users can create and edit existing index files by adding either individual files or folders of PDF files to the index. ARTS PDF Search IM is intended for use on a Web or file server with the accompanying scripting component, ARTS PDF Search COM.

For the easy testing of indexes ARTS PDF Search includes an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that developers and administrators can use to perform full-text searches and run other tests with prior to deployment of a new index on a server.