Issue Reporter for Debenu Developers

Use this form to report any bugs or issues that you encounter while using Quick PDF Library, Quick PDF Library Lite or Debenu PDF Viewer SDK. In order to ensure that we can process your bug report as quickly as possible please provide as much detail as you can.

Please remember to:

  • Include all information, code and files required to replicate the issue.
  • If an issue is related to bad output make sure that you provide the file before and after processing.

Submit a Ticket

Case Number and File Attachments

After your bug has been submitted you will receive an email from our support system which will include a case number for the reported issue. If you need to send us any additional files associated with the issue then please reply to this email with the file(s) attached and your case will be updated automatically. Executable attachments should be zipped and the file type extension should be changed from .zip to .piz.